Our company have promulgated some new products, for example international flag, Rainbow flag, Swooper flag, flag set, flag pole and so on. Welcome you to our company home net, and click variables and update the variable called company news.

We have lots of categories for each flag. The same flag has the differente measure. The price is better than other wholesellers. Also the more you take the lower price we charge. Just like our banner in our net we offer volume discounts!

Do you know that why more and more people like buy some thing on internet, such as food, clothes and flag? In my opinion the lower price, the better service, and the convenience, what about you?


Take the flag for example, like our company we supply many different categories for one flag, and these flags have quality and our customer service has very high appraise. When you sign in our net, you can notice that lot of flags are listing in your PC screen. You can read lot of product introduction. When you have some question in our flatsmart you can contact us. We are sure that we will resolve your question by the holy poker. Also you can get the help about the shipping & returns. Also we supply the service for the customer which are best sellers.

Re the payment we adopt the paypal. This is a new payment method. You can pay everybody who has email, and you can pay for everything which selling on net. The strongpoint of paypal is that she don't keep the information of the custom. So we can set our heart at rest when we make use of the paypal.

I can't tell you all of our new product, they are so many and I have no words now. Finally, if you are interest in these products please join in us. It is better to see for yourself than to hear for many times.