Vexillology and Vexillography; Significance for the Vexillologist

Vexillology and Vexillography; Significance for the Vexillologist

Vexillology is the flag’s scholarly studies serving the purpose of scientific analysis of all country flags covering every aspect of the design including historical background, color perspectives, and symbolism. It seeks to delve into a certain period to examine the custom and tradition of flag usage by respective nations. The term “vexillology” traced back to the Romans, known to use a Latin derived word vexillum, to represents an emblem on the fabric hung on a pole. Vexillum in the classical languages is now termed as a Flag in modern times. A vexillologist is a person having a thorough command over all country flags of modern as well as the historic era to explore the national and global history. Vexillologist studies and examine flags, its design, associated history, the symbolism of the design, and etiquette of hoisting a flag. Vexillography, the art of designing flags, holds prime status for illustrating the existence of a country and to demonstrate the nation’s attribute in the best possible manner.

Vexillology history reveals astonishing facts of flag design and color theories since antiquity. It is interesting to know that the flag designing achieved its status of artifacts since World War II when the flags were regarded as the expression of the nation’s beliefs, values, and philosophies of certain eras and areas. Numerous explorations are fostered by several publications including the International Federation of Vexillological Associations as well as its other members.

Similar or Unique Color Schemes

All country flags possess a specific color scheme to signifies a specific history or the philosophy of its nation. Majority of the national flags of the world seems to be persistent in using similar colors including white, red, green, blue and yellow.

The flag of Portugal contains red to characterize the blood lost in fights to save their country, whereas red in Moroccan flag epitomize the bravery and strength of the Moroccans.

The flag of Pakistan contains a dark green field that represents Muslim majority in Pakistan while the white stripe signifies the freedom and right of minorities.

The flag of Belize is the most colored and the complex flag containing 12 colors.

Rarest color found on the national flag is purple representing royalty or richness that has been found for the flags of two countries i.e. Nicaragua and Dominica.


Religious Symbolism

Many flags among all country flags contain religious symbols to epitomize the significance of the religion for the nation. Crescent moon and stars are the emblems that have been used in the flags of the majority of the Muslim countries including Pakistan, Turkey, Algeria, Brunei, and Uzbekistan. For the other Muslim countries, Islamic phrases have been written on the flags like that of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq to signify the religious preference and significance of the country.

The cross or the Nordic cross has been used in many of the flags including all Scandinavian flags to symbolize Christianity. The cross emblem has been found in the country flags of Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, and few others.

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