Vexillology; Facts Finder of Flags

Vexillology; Facts Finder of Flags

All country flags surely are the symbols of dignity and nationhood that every nation owns and parade with the utmost pride. What we assume regarding the flags is mostly the recognition and distinctiveness of the countries from one another. But in true essence, flags depict much more about the nation or organization, its history, believes and norms, code of conduct, and even much more. Each element, the flag exhibits, is symbolized in a certain way to design the perfect illustration that we called a flag. Whether it’s a country flag or the army flag, institutional or organizational flags, or the emblematic decorative flags, all comprehends complex yet interesting facts and revelations to be explored. These facts and findings are now well documented and published with the help of Vexillology. 

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 United States of America; Pioneer of Vexillology

An American vexillologist, Whitney Smith, Jr. (1940-2016) is known to be the father of vexillology and was reputed as the world’s leading and finest vexillologist. His eminence in the respective field is an epitome of his expertise in the historical context, design theories, and the momentousness of the flags. World’s largest vexillology organization originated in North America, also called as North American Vexillological Association, has been devoted to the flag’s studies. The organization formulated elementary fundamentals for Vexillography that are the comprehensive guidelines to be followed for illustrating the perfect flag designs. All country flags can be examined and assessed on these guidelines.

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Vexillology of American Flag

The astounding history of the united states of America is supreme pride and dignity for the whole American nation and that has been utterly illustrated with the utmost perfection in the design of the flag of the united states of America. As it has been established that the design and the color selection of all country flags are not arbitrary, rather a reflection of the nation’s culture, history, or religion. Similarly, the iconic color scheme of the American flag signifies the superior attributes of the American nation. According to the history and vexillology of the American flag, the red color of the stripes symbolizes hardiness and valor, white signifies purity and innocence and blue epitomizes vigilance, perseverance, and justice. Altogether thirteen equivalent horizontal stripes are covering the flag front from top to bottom as a whole, seven red alternating with the six white horizontal strips, that denotes thirteen British colonies that were reported to be the first states in the Union after the independence declaration from the Kingdom of Great Britain. A square box of fifty small and white stars represent the fifty states of the Union. As a pride emblem, the American flag symbolizes the nation's strength and unity.

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