Flag Trivia from Around the World for Flagging Fascinating Facts

Flag Trivia from Around the World for Flagging Fascinating Facts

All country flags are the epitome of patriotism with exceptionally elegant designs that symbolizes the dignity, unity, and harmony of the nation. These flags stand for the ultimate pride and signify the true love and prestige for the motherland or any institution. The artwork or the design of the flags represents various symbolic and iconic aspects of that respective country or its nation. Each element of the flag, from its specific color to its artistic design, narrates very special and patriotic tales that are too worthy to be highlighted. Whether it’s country flags or an army flags, they convey a lot about their strength and potential to their enemies with the silent message.

Apart from appreciating the design of any country flag, one must be curious to know the philosophy behind it. You can get a basic understanding of nature and the history of any country or its nation through the vexillology of their flags. All country flags possess some interesting elements with the fascinating underlying philosophies that mostly we are not aware of.  

Flagging the Fascinating Facts

Her we present the flag trivia from all around the world, we have gathered some interesting facts of the most elegant flags that you would eager to know more about them.

Quadrilateral or Non-quadrilateral Flags

The basic Vexillography in terms of the shape of the flags is quite interesting for all country flags. There are approximately 193 sovereign flags are known so far and it's exciting to know that all of them are quadrilateral except for one country. 190 flags are rectangular while 2 flags are perfect squares.

Nepal has a national flag of triangular shape that contains two stacked triangles often termed as a pennon or pennant. These two stacked triangles symbolize the Himalaya Mountains and in a broader spectrum, two religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Crimson red background signifies bravery and the outlined blue band symbolizes peace. Sun and moon emblemize longevity and immortality.

Two countries containing the square national flags are Vatican City, containing the half yellowish gold and half while segment with the situated Vatican crest and Switzerland containing the red background signify the blood lost to uphold their faith with the white cross denotes Christianity.   

Oldest, Newest and The Most Persistent Flag of The World

All country flags have been flagged for hundreds of years with little or more modifications over the passing period. However, the title of the most consistent and persistent flag is reserved for the flag of Denmark, the red background with a single middle horizontal white stripe. The Danish flag, termed as Dannebrog, is believed to be the oldest flag since 1219, however, Dannebrog was officially flagged as the national flag in 1625.

The title of the newest flag of the world goes to the flag of South Sudan displayed officially in 2010/2011 after the independence declaration. The flag has three horizontal stripes of green, red and black signifying the countries natural wealth, bloodshed to gain independence, and the Sudanese people respectively. White stripes between each color epitomize peace.

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